Nibobo carries a wide range of products for companion animals including:

Dog/Cat Food

Grainfree Wet and Dry Dog/Cat Food

Raw Pet Food

Milk Replacers

Bird Products

Pet Shampoo
Cat Litter & Trays

Veterinarian Products


Pet Food
Our manufacturer for wet/canned dog food is the largest manufacturer of wet and dry pet food in Australia with a long and reputable history in the industry. They have been audited to comply with PFIAA (Pet Food Industry Associated of Australia) guidelines, and have been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements for HACCP and ISO 9001:2008 as per Chinese Market Access requirements. Australian sourced meat is widely regarded as being disease free (BSE free and free from foot and mouth disease) and is of good quality


Grainfree Wet and Dry Dog/Cat Food
We offer a grainfree range of pet food made from local Australian meat. The grainfree range is our premium range and is 100% nutritionally complete. Free from fillers and grain, it contains no wheat, corn or cereals. Our product is high in protein and does not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is hypoallergenic. We offer the grainfree range for both wet/canned and dry pet foods for both dogs and cats.
We also offer an economical range of wet dog food (in 400g/700g cans or 100g aluminium trays). This range is formulated to provide complete and all-natural nutrition. We have existing brands available, or labelled as per customer’s specifications (OEM brand).


Raw Pet Food
In addition, we also offer a premium range of Raw Pet Food (Frozen). The Raw Pet Food market is the new trend in pet food, as pet owners lean towards healthier and more natural alternatives for their pets. The ingredients are sourced from leading human consumption facilities in Australia. The Raw Pet Food offers fresh and nutrient-packed diet for your pet and is free from fillers, chemicals, preservatives and is all natural. The raw pet food is separated into ranges: standard range, allergy range (to manage allergies and skin conditions), scientific range (for dogs with health issues like Arthritis, liver issues, obesity etc.)
Pet Treats
Nibobo offers a wide variety of pet treats (natural and processed) for both dogs and cats. The natural pet treats range include products derived from pork, beef, lamb as well as seafood varieties.
In addition, we also offer processed pet treats (jerky type), made from fresh ingredients with real meal and no artificial colours and flavours.


Milk Replacers
One of the bestselling products we offer are our Milk Replacer range for Dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs and a variety of other animals (marsupials, zoo animals etc.) Our premium milk replacers are specifically formulated to match the composition of the mother’s milk. The milk replacers contain elevated Protein & Fat Content - for improved growth rate of the young animals. The milk replacers come either in bulk bags or in finished bags (finished packaging).

Bird Products – Food, Supplements, Medicine
Nibobo offers bird food for a variety of bird species. The manufacturing company that Nibobo works with was founded and managed by leading avian veterinarians. The products are made using only, whole, fresh local, Australian produce with the natural requirements of each species of bird in mind to provide a complete and nutritious diet for birds. Nibobo also offers premium and economical bird seeds and pellets, as well as other bird supplements.
In addition, we also offer a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical range that is more advanced and diverse than any other manufacturer in the world. Formulated by vets, you can be assured that the products are not only completely safe for your animals, but also effective. This advanced range includes parasite controls, antibiotics and general healthcare supplements of the highest quality.


Pet Shampoo
Nibobo also offers a premium and economical range of pet shampoo for both cats and dogs for everyday use. The pet shampoo can be sold as OEM/customer’s brand and/or as an existing brand that we have.


Cat Litter + Trays
We also offer a range of premium cat litter for your consideration – Eucalyptus hard wood cat litter. This cat litter offers a healthy/safe/mess-free alternative for your cats. The hard wood cat litter is 100% natural and biodegradable, providing a non-toxic environment for your cats. Other Cat Litters we can offer are bentonite, pine, paper, wood shavings, and many more.


Veterinarian Products
In addition, we also provide a variety of vet products for animals. We work closely with leading veterinary product manufacturers here in Australia to offer a range of high-quality generic and proprietary veterinary pharmaceuticals. Our product range includes ear and eye drops, skin ointments, antibiotics, injectables, soft gels, pet cologne and coatshine as well as other medicinal supplements for animals.