Nibobo’s aim is to ensure that our overseas customers get the best product at the best price. We pride ourselves in customer service and want to ensure that buying Australian and New Zealand products is streamline and profitable for you.

Nibobo achieves this by:

  • Giving you access to Australian and New Zealand made products as Nibobo acts as the exporting arm for many Australian and New Zealand manufactures

  • Acting as a one stop shop for Australian and New Zealand made agriculture, pet and human products. This makes it effective and efficient for you to manage a wide range of products from multiple manufactures

  • Consolidating products from multiple manufactures, thus assisting to bring down your freight costs

  • Achieving lower cost goods as Nibobo buys on behalf of several countries and thus we achieve economies of scale

  • Working with you to develop your own brands and private label products, which many of the large manufacturers do not have the time to focus on

  • Facilitating the registration of products if it is required in your country

  • Requesting marketing support from manufacturers

  • Alerting you to innovative and trending products in Australia that might be relevant to your market

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