Nibobo’s core aim when working with manufacturers is to make exporting hassle free for them, so that they can focus on servicing the local market, manufacturing and new product development.


Nibobo adds value to your business by:

  • Giving you access to a reliable and established international network. As Nibobo has been around for more than 30 years, it has a long-standing relationship with many overseas pet store chains, wholesalers and importers. Nibobo has exported to;

  • Ensuring that overseas distributors share the same vision and product integrity that you have for your brand


  • Taking away the risk and stress of overseas debt collection, as Nibobo will purchase the products from you


  • Facilitating the registration of products if it is required in a country


  • Managing the entire shipping process – from inland transport, container packing, cartage, ocean/air freight, as well as providing the necessary documentation for export depending on the importing country’s requirements.


  • Assisting with language barriers and translation of product information


  • Assisting with price control across several markets


  • Having access to market trends overseas, which can give rise to new product development

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia

  • Taiwan

  • South Korea

  • Japan

  • Nigeria

  • Thailand

  • Hong Kong

  • China

  • USA

  • Pakistan

  • Israel

  • UAE

  • Vietnam

  • India

  • Mexico

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